The 2017 World Rowing Championship – Due to be Held in Sarasota, Florida

The 47th edition of the World Rowing Championships are set to be held from 24th September to 1st October, 2017. The location of the event will be the Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida.

Venue for 2017 World Rowing Championship

2017 rowing championship venue

The venue for the 47th World Rowing Championship will be Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida. The park has been built to FISA racing standards and is made up of 9 x 13.5 meter lanes with 50 meters of clear water between the west shore and the course. There is also 27 meters between the wave attenuator and the course.

The specifications of the course are 2,180 meters in length, 630 meters wide and an average of 6 meters deep. The course also has separate warm-up and cool down lanes.

The course has a state-of-the-art floating wave attenuator that helps to secure calm waters during the competition but also doubles up as a TV road. At the time of writing the venue is not yet complete. Two thirds of the construction has been completed with the final phase to include the building of a boathouse, additional parking and other amenities.

Event Schedule

As well as enjoying world-class rowing there are a number of other experiences visitors can enjoy. There is a schedule of events that includes unique themes for each day of the competition. There’s an exclusive Visitor’s Experience program that takes guests around Sarasota-Bradenton, for excursions. Family fun days, Eco-days, farmers market. Military appreciation, golden age celebration and much more are just a few examples.

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M1x single sculls Robert Manson6:30.74
M2x double sculls Martin Sinkovich, Valent Sinkovich5:59.72
M4x quadruple sculls Artem Morozov, Oleksandr Nadtoka, Dmytro Mikhay, Ivan Dovgodko5:32.26
M2- pair Hamish Bond, Eric Murray6:08.50
M4- four Andrew Triggs Hodge, Tom James, Pete Reed, Alex Gregory5:37.86
M2+ coxed pair Hamish Bond, Eric Murray, Caleb Shepherd (coxswain)6:33.26
M8+ eight Johannes Weissenfeld, Felix Wimberger, Maximilian Planer, Torben Johannesen, Jakob Schneider, Malte Jakschik, Richard Schmidt, Hannes Ocik, Martin Sauer (coxswain)5:18.68
LM1x lightweight single sculls Miani Marcello6:43.37
LM2x lightweight double sculls John Smith, James Thompson6:05.36
W1x single sculls Rumyana Neykova7:07.71
W2x double sculls Olympia Aldersey, Sally Kehoe6:37.31
W4x quadruple sculls Carina Baer, Julia Lier, Annekatrin Thiele, Lisa Schmidla6:06.84
W2- pair Grace Prendergast, Kerri Gowler6:49.08
W4- four Kayla Pratt, Kelsey Bevan, Grace Prendergast, Kerri Gowler6:14.36
W8+ eight Amanda Polk, Kerry Simmonds, Emily Regan, Lauren Schmetterling, Grace Luczak, Caroline Lind, Victoria Opitz, Heidi Robbins, Katelin Snyder (coxswain)5:54.16
LW1x lightweight single sculls Zoe McBride7:24.46
LW2x lightweight double sculls Maaike Head, Ilse Paulis6:47.69
LW4x quadruple lightweight Mirte Kraaijkamp, Elisabeth Woerner, Maaike Head, Ilse Paulis6:15.95