Buying Tickets

There are a number of options for anyone wanting to share in the championships. There are multiple ticket options and it’s possible to buy as many as you want. The opening ceremony, held on Saturday 23rd is free and does not require the purchase of a ticket. Tickets can be bought from the official championship website, for which you will need to create an account.

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Seating options

Sarasota Memorial Grandstand seats provide you with the opportunity to get close to the action, as well as being just a few feet from the finish line. Beach seats give you a front row view from the park’s white, sandy beach strand that’s located along the final 500 meters of the 2,000 meter course. The Championship Pavilion is located along Championship Row, the west bank of the park. A General Admission ticket will grant you access to watch the races live and are for standing room only.

a seating chart