Cashless Event

The World Rowing Championship (WRCH) 2016 in Rotterdam is a Cashless Event. We hereby like to inform you about the payment method during the WRCH.

The WRCH is a Cashless Event. This implies that payments for food and beverages can only be done with the Cash Card. We have chosen this method of payment because it is fast and safe.  Charging your Cash Card is possible at the charging points with cash, debit and major credit cards. You can top up the balance on your Cash Card with any amount. You can check your balance on the Cash Card at the charging points and payment desks. You can also view your balance on each sales receipt.

After the event you can get a refund of the balance on your Cash Card through our website via Refund requests are possible between August 29 until September 9th 2016. . The settlement of your request will take a maximum of 30 days. We will charge an administration fee of €2,50 and possibly bank transfer charges if they exceed the average Dutch bank transfer charge. This will be deducted from your actual balance.

Click here for the terms and conditions