Course open at 9:50

Update 28/08/2016 9:45 am:

Course will reopen at 9:50 with the first race at 10:30.

Day 6: Finals Under 23

Sunday Programme

Programme for Sunday August 28 (updated 27/08/2016 7:00):

6:30 – Venue open

7:00-9:15 – Joint training all crews

9:00 – Outgoing pontoon closes

9:15 – Crews out of course/in cooling down area

9:30-10:30 – Finals B Juniors

10:45-13:45 – Finals A Juniors

Following – Closing ceremony

Wednesday’s photos

The first new World Rowing Champions are here!

This Thursday afternoon Rotterdam has delivered the first new World Rowing Champions. In the blistering heat at the Willem-Alexander Baan in front of hundreds of spectators eight new champions emerged from the mirror flat water.

Today was the day of the Under 23 finals

U23 Women’s Four
1 USA; 2 Rou; 3 NED

U23 Men’s Coxed Four
1 NZL; 2 ITA; 3 AUS

U23 Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
1 ITA; 2 SUI;3 GER

U23 Lightweight Men’s Pair
1 SUI; 2 GRE; 3 TUR

U23 Women’s Pair
1 CAN; 2 ITA; 3 RUS

U23 Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
1 GBR; 2 GER; 3 ITA

U23 Women’s Quadruple Sculls
1 POL; 2 GER; 3 FRA

U23 Men’s Four
1 AUT; 2 GBR; 3 NZL

LIVE streaming

The first of the finals have just started here on the Willem-Alexander Baan. You can join us LIVE now.

Get our Photo App for viewing

Tiphosi app - 006-1The Organising Committee of the 2016 World Rowing Senior, Under 23 and Junior Championships is very proud to present to you the Tiphosi photo app. The application is available for iOS and Android.

Tiphosi is a combination of the Italian word tifosi (fans) and photos. As you might imagine this is an app for sports fans who like to view photos in stead of hearing what went through an athlete when he crossed the line. The app is filled to the brim with pictures from renowned photographers like our resident photographer Merijn Soeters.

Give the app a try and stay up to date with the images from the Willem-Alexander Baan.

Download: iOS or Android

Souvenir Programme


To keep a permanent memory of the 2016 World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam we have produced a Souvenir Magazine. In it you will find a complete list of all competitor in this years combined World Rowing Championships.

We also wrote about the venue and its construction. There’s a lot of info about Rotterdam and what to do in Rotterdam in the magazine. Everything is written in English and Dutch.

The magazine is your ticket to the daily startlists and results summaries. In the back you’ll find a list of checkboxes which will be marked when you pick up your lists.

Get your magazine at the Information Stands for only €5.

Heat wave


The rain, wind and cold has blown over and now there is a heat wave on its way to Rotterdam. Please stay safe and read below information.

FISA heat handout RotterdamFISA heat handout Rotterdam 230816