Situated 52 degrees north latitude and 4 degrees east longitude, where the waters of Europe’s largest rivers merge to flow into the North Sea, you’ll find Rotterdam, the city with Europe’s largest seaport. A compact yet cosmopolitan city, with a young, dynamic and international population comprising over 170 nationalities. The city has a lot to off er: sports, culture, architecture, night life and shopping. Rotterdam is easily accessible by all forms of transport. The city off ers an ample selection of excellent accommodation to suit every taste. Rotterdam has been built on both sides of the Nieuwe Maas river. One way to go from one bank to the other is to cross the Erasmus Bridge, a landmark on the Rotterdam skyline since 1996. The bridge connects the city centre with the ‘Kop van Zuid’, a new urban area with high-profile cultural institutions, restaurants and luxury residential accommodation.

“Bold new initiatives, myriad urban regeneration projects and electrifying dining and nightlife all make Rotterdam one of the most happening cities in Europe right now”
Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016

A walking tour in Rotterdam will give you a good impression of what 20th-century and recent 21st-century architecture has achieved. During the tour it will also become evident that Rotterdam has many other attractions to off er, ranging from shopping and sports to culinary delights from cuisines from every corner of the globe.

And when it comes to sport, Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ number one city. No other city features as many (top class) sporting events each year. National, European and World Championships are scheduled alongside annual events such as the Rotterdam Marathon, the CHIO (equestrian sports), the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and the Rotterdam Six-Day cycling race, not to mention unique events such as the City Racing and the Red Bull Air Race. In addition to organized sport, thousands of people in Rotterdam train at least once a week in one of 400 sports clubs. Rotterdam exudes sports. The city has high sporting ambitions and is continually working towards an optimum sports climate.

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Rotterdam City of Sports

Rotterdam is the number one sports city of the Netherlands. No other city features as many (top-class) sporting events each year. Annual events on the Rotterdam sports calendar include the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, the Rotterdam indoor 6-day cycling event, the ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon, CHIO Rotterdam (equestrian event) and the Bavaria City Racing.

In addition, Rotterdam is regularly the proud host city for top national and international events. Highlights of the last few years include the ITF Davis Cup in 2001 and 2007, the IHF Champions Trophy Hockey in 2001 and 2008, the 2003 IKF World Korfball Championships, the 2005 IJF European Judo Championships, the 2005 IBAF World Baseball Championships, the Volvo Ocean Race 2006, and the Red Bull Air Race in 2005 and 2008.

Besides the events in recent years, no less than for World Championships are/will be held in Rotterdam: the 2009 IJF World Championships Judo, the 2010 FIG World Championships Artistic Gymnastics, the 2011 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships and the UCI BMX World Championships in 2014. Besides these World Championships the European Championships Dressage, Boxing for Women and Handball <19 Women will be held in 2011 and the European Championship Handbal Women 2012 will also take place in Rotterdam. And of course the start of the largest annual sporting event in the world; the Grand Départ du Tour de France in 2010. ‘Sports’ will become practically synonymous with ‘Rotterdam’ in the next few years.

“Rotterdam is a young and vibrant city, with more than 170 nationalities living within its borders. It aims to be a ‘WE’ society, a community for everyone, regardless of their origins, religious beliefs or skin color… Festivals play an important role in achieving this.”
World Festival & Event City Award 2015

The venue

The Willem-Alexander Baan forms part of the Eendragts Polder, a beautiful recreational area that is perfect for aquatic sports, cycling, walking and many other outdoor activities.

The venue is well situated for visiting the city of Rotterdam after or before visiting the rowing competitions. Frequent public transport brings you from the main entrance of the venue to the Underground. In under 40 minutes you are in the city center. Visit the harbour front cafes in Rotterdam, take an architectural tour or start excursion to Delft (30 minutes), Amsterdam (60 minutes) or take a boattrip through the port and to Kinderdijk (UNESCO World Heritage site Windmills).

“First-class architecture in the Netherlands’ second city. Post-World War II reconstruction has changed the face of one of Europe’s largest ports, where striking, cubed architecture give shape to the most modern skyline in the country”
#10 Places to Go in 2014, New York Times

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Erasmus bridge

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Cube Houses

by Piet Blom

Rotterdam in facts and figures

  • With a population of around 600,000 Rotterdam is het second largest city in The Netherlands;
  • More than 1,200,000 people live in greater Rotterdam;
  • A stunning 17.5 milion people visit Rotterdam every year, for instance for its 135 congresses. A million of them arrive by air;
  • Rotterdam Airport is a large regional airport, five kilometres from the city centre. It provides direct connections to European airports such as London, Hamburg and Rome;
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, an international airport that connects The Netherlands with the rest of the world, is about an hour’s journey from Rotterdam; rest of The Netherlands. Many European destinations are accessible by high-speed train from Rotterdam Central Station;
  • A subway network of more than 55 kilometres and an  intricate cable car and bus network provide excellent public transport within the city;
  • In and around Rotterdam there are more than 6.000 hotel rooms in two- to five-star accommodation offering you a comfortable stay whatever your taste and pocket;
  • Amid the cosmopolitan population of 170 nationalities, you’ll feel at home wherever you come from;
  • Rotterdam is the City of Sport of The Netherlands;
  • In Rotterdam there are 404 restaurants, 832 bars, 36 museums, 16 music and jazz clubs, 114 sports halls and gymnasiums, 11 swimming pools, 377 sports fields and 400 sports clubs;
  • Every year Rotterdam hosts 135 congresses, 24 festivals and 165 sports events;
  • The Sport City of Rotterdam is a special city where there is always something to do for everyone. A city which will take your breath away. Rotterdam has numerous spectacular, unique attractions to offer, whether it’s adventure or culture you’re looking for.