Transport and parking
For teams that have booked accommodation through the OC.

Team-Travel from Airports/Railway stations to the Accommodations
Dedicated transport by bus or mini bus from the airports / railway stations based on the arrival times will be provided. Teams have to inform the Organisation Committee about arrival times, flight numbers, number of team members and type of luggage and the booked accommodation.

Team-Travel from the Accommodations to the Venue
On training days and race days dedicated transport from the accommodation to the Venue will be available. On race days scheduled transport during rush hours (mornings before training hours) every half hour. After rush hours every hour. During training days there will be dedicated transport on appointment with the Team Managers. Team Managers have to book their transports the day before, indicating the time they want to arrive at the Venue or at the hotel. Team managers have to do so by fi lling in a form indicating the names of all members to be transported. (Not on the list, no admittance to the bus).

It is NOT allowed to use buses reserved for other teams.

Delegates and Guests
For delegates and guests the will be transportation from the accommodation to the Venue and back based on time tables.

Parking of team cars and boat trailers at the Venue itself is not allowed. Opposite to the entrance of the Venue a parking lot for team cars and boat trailers will be available.

Please contact the transportation desk at for any questions related to transport.